Jr. Firefighter Program

At Symsonia Fire Department, most of our officers and senior firefighters started in a program, such as the Jr. Firefighter program. Now, the Kentucky Fire Commission allows us to accept members ages 14 to 17 as Jr. Firefighters as long as they meet certain requirements during their membership.

Of course there are stringent rules Jr. Firefighters must follow. No Jr. Firefighter will ever be placed in any situation that would be considered a IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health) environment. 

When a Jr. Firefighter turns the age of 18, all training that they have completed prior to their 18th birthday will go forward onto their training record for their certification. It is possible for a Jr. Firefighter to become a certified Kentucky firefighter on their 18th birthday as long as they have completed the correct training categories needed for their certification.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may  have at training@symsoniafire.com